Grayco Disposal offers a variety of permanent and temporary solid waste disposal solutions, with a solution for just about everyone. Our most popular services are listed below, however not all of our services are listed below, such as residential curb-side collection and our commercial compactor service.

For any inquiries regarding our services please call our office at 604-885-4700

Commercial Waste Disposal Solutions

Front Load Commercial Bins

Grayco offers a variety of front load bins for commercial businesses (including restaurants, corporate clients, and retailers) who require regularly scheduled waste collection services.  All our bins are regularly maintained to ensure a clean and professional image.  Bins can be equipped with a bear-proof locking system.

Schaefer Bins

Available in 32 and 96 gallons.

For businesses that have successfully reduced their amount of waste produced, produce smaller amounts of waste, or to complement zero waste efforts, Grayco offers a Schaefer service.  Schaefer bins are small and durable containers for continual or short-term waste collection.

Temporary Container Solutions (Residential & Commercial):

For reference, a pick-up truck can carry around 2 cubic yards.

Mini Bins

Available in 8, 12, and 15 cubic yards.

Mini bins are the perfect temporary waste disposal container for smaller jobs, like spring cleaning your garage or even cleaning up your yard.  Mini Bins can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.  These bins are the easiest to fill on the Sunshine Coast, with low sides and a back door that swings open to allow you to pack the material in.  Ordering a bin is easy too: call us when you’d like us to drop the bin, and again when it’s ready to be picked up.  It’s that easy.

Roll-Off Bins

Available in 20 and 40 cubic yards.

Grayco provides heavy duty temporary waste disposal bins for commercial and industrial purposes. These bins are perfect for larger jobs, such as demolition of a building or large land clearing projects.  We ensure quick and friendly delivery and pick-up services. These bins are just as easy to order as the Mini Bins: call us to drop it, and call us to pick it up.

For availability and additional information call 604-885-4700.

Together, let’s keep our Coast green. One bin at a time.™